When choosing a meeting room in Milan, there are some preferential features and our meeting rooms fully meet the credentials listed below, that make our meeting rooms in Milan an important place for an important meeting.

  • A meeting room in Milan has to be easily reachable with any public or private means of transport. Our conference rooms are located in a strategic position, at 30 meters from the Central Railway Station in Milan, in a building used exclusively for offices, with concierge, in an area considered to be the executive business center of the city. Our meeting rooms are excellently served by public surface means of transport and  by two underground lines, and at a short distance, there are several auto parking lots open 24 hours a day. Furthermore, adjacently to our meeting rooms in Milan depart and arrive fast shuttles and trains to reach Milan airports and all city hinterland;
  • A meeting room in Milan must be placed in an area that allows you to match your meeting to a lunch, a dinner, an overnight stay. Our conference rooms are positioned in the very center of a district of great relevance and movement of the city that proposes an endless series of fascinating hotel offers on various levels, both economical and 5-stars luxury. The streets of the district where our meeting rooms in Milan are located offer lots of restaurant proposals, spaces and stores for shopping;
  • A meeting room in Milan must always make its guests feel at ease, through a fashionable and welcoming furnishing. One of the features that mark us is the elegance of the furniture and the pursuit of the particular in every meeting room. In fact, our meeting rooms are not furnished with the classic plywood tables, that aren’t even polished and covered with a green table cloth, and maybe with plastic seats one attached to other, but our meeting rooms are furnished with oval or rectangular wooden tables and cosy armchairs in alcantara to render your stay the most comfortable possible. To add another touch of professionalism, that distinguishes our style, our meeting rooms in Milan don’t lack placeholder folders, sheets of paper, pens and mineral water;
  • A meeting room in Milan must be properly equipped with the most advanced technologies in order to allow the maximum flexible and multifunctional use of the appointment. Our conference rooms in Milan take a lead in the field of technological equipment available, because we believe that a meeting room should answer to everyone’s requirements. From the traditional overhead projector for tracing projection to electronic boards, from the electric screens to video projectors, from DVD readers to any type of performance regarding the telephone and internet connections: there is no technological demand that our meeting rooms in Milan aren’t capable to satisfy.